FEATURE: NIGERIA – Dying to give their husbands a boy and other reasons for pregnancy-related deaths

Each day in Nigeria, women are battling with their lives and health, going through immense physical and psychological torture in their marriages, for not producing a male child. The culture of male child preference has resulted in all kinds of violence against women, which is on the rise in Nigeria, according to the European Union and United Nations Spotlight Initiative. Maternal mortality in Nigeria is 576 per 100,000 live births, the fourth highest globally, according to UNICEF.

SOUTH AFRICA – Anti-abortion doctor accused of trying to dissuade a woman from having a legal abortion

Jacques De Vos, a doctor, has been accused of trying to dissuade a patient from terminating her pregnancy and of failing to respect the patient’s autonomy. He pleaded not guilty to the charges at a disciplinary hearing at the Health Professions Council of South Africa on 9 December 2019. His counsel argued that the doctor was acting in the best interests of both the mother and the baby “by trying to save the life of … Continued

KENYA – Criminalizing Adolescence: A Call to Reform the Sexual Offences Act in Kenya

A joint publication of the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Federation of Women Lawyers, Kenya. Conceptualized by Evelyne Opondo, Senior Regional Director for Africa, and Lucy Minayo, Capacity Building Manager, CRR Africa. The Sexual Offences Act (SOA) does not make any distinction between sex between adolescent minors and sexual acts between adolescent minors and adults — all of which are classified and/or have been interpreted as criminal offences. The SOA also does not make … Continued

SOUTH AFRICA – Plea to change the law to allow the right to fetal burial before 26 weeks of pregnancy

On 14 and 15 November 2019 the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria heard the plea of a group called Voice of the Unborn Baby, joined by the KwaZulu Natal Catholic Archdiocese. They challenged the provisions of the Births and Deaths Registration Act by asking the Court to declare that where a fetus has died at a gestational age younger than 26 weeks, the parents of the fetus should be given an option to bury it, … Continued

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