Debate on achieving reproductive health in relation to abortion at TICAH, Kenya

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In Kenya, abortion is illegal unless it is authorised by a qualified health official when the health or life of the woman is at risk. In 2012, about 120,000 women were admitted to public hospitals and health centres for abortion-related complications, according to the Health Ministry, and an estimated 266 Kenyan women die per 100,000 unsafe abortions annually.

Case against Kenyan government for violating national and international law relating to abortion heard in High Court

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A case against the Kenyan Government for violating national and international laws relating to abortion has been heard in High Court. The Center of Reproductive Rights, who filed the case, argue that the Ministry of Health has been prohibiting health workers from participating in training that has anything to do with safe abortion.

Why we are campaigning for women’s right to safe abortion

We start the new year with two answers to this question: one is a story (fiction) published in 2012 by Judith Arcana ( ) ,, who was a member of the Jane collective in Chicago, USA, a group of women who provided safe, illegal abortions in the years before 1973, when the law was changed by a Supreme Court decision. The problem of unsafe abortion is no longer history in the USA, however. As … Continued

KENYA: Allow abortion in public hospitals, say medics

Poor women seeking safe abortion could soon get the services in public health facilities if developed reproductive health guidelines and policies are ratified. The death of a woman from a botched abortion at a backstreet joint angered former chairman of the Kenya Medical Association, Dr Stephen Ochiel. “The law banning abortion is the greatest killer of women because it does not criminalise sex. It criminalises abortions,” he said. The victim, a hawker visited a quack … Continued

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