GHANA: Save-Ghana

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As part of SAVE-Ghana action on September 28  day of action, it will be be taking the campaign to rural area of Ghana Upper west region of Ghana where stigma for abortion is higher. It will be having some radio … Continued

DR CONGO: Un Conference-Debat

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Un Conference-Debat sur la Problematique des Grossesses Non Desirees et des Avortements dans le Contexte de la RDC: Activites Commemoratives de la Journée du 28 Septembre   Avec la participation de 120 représentants de la Ministère de Femme, Famille et … Continued


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i) Host social media dialogues on the Youth Forum under the SexRightsAfrica website and call on young people to post photos and video messages on the need to decriminalize abortion. ii) Publish a press statement in the newspaper in solidarity … Continued

Incarceration and exposure to internally displaced persons camps associated with reproductive rights abuses among sex workers in northern Uganda

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While female sex workers (FSWs) face a high burden of violence and criminalisation, coupled with low access to safe, non-coercive care, little is known about such experiences among FSWs in conflict-affected settings, particularly as they relate to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and rights

Correction to Choices & Consequences in Ethiopian Edutainment Drama

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This edutainment drama, produced in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia, aims to initiate discussion on youth sexual and reproductive health in relation to contraceptive use and abortion. The six main characters are secondary school students Solyana, Kibrom, Azeb, Tedy, Helen and Teamrat, who make different choices that have consequences for their future lives when entering puberty. The drama addresses gender norms that influence youth sexuality in a context where the different options of contraceptive

The Association of Women Jurists of Senegal Pressure Government

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The Association of Women Jurists of Senegal continue to put pressure on the government for abortion to be legalised following rape and incest. Some 250 cases of rape of girls aged 13 to 18 years which led to a pregnancy in 52 cases were reported in the first 11 months of 2016 in Senegal. Of those, at least 25 were cases of incest followed by pregnancy, yet abortion on the grounds of rape and incest is not permitted.

Recent trends in pre-marital fertility across sub-Saharan Africa

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The rising age of first marriage across sub-Saharan Africa over the past 25 years has led many scholars to predict a concurrent increase in pre-marital childbearing. We examine whether this anticipated increase has materialized using data from 27 countries. Our results reveal considerable heterogeneity. Although levels of pre-marital fertility have risen by up to 13% in recent years in some African countries, other countries have experienced a 7% decline.

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