Campaign Coordination Team

  • Marge Berer, Director of Publications and Meetings, London, UK
  • Michelle Y. Lee, Director of Development and Operations, London, UK
  • Shilpa Shroff, Director of Advocacy, Mumbai, India
  • Catarina Gomes, Social Media, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Christina Boateng, Website, Administration and Finance, London, UK
  • Elise Denis-Ramirez, International Network and Projects, London, UK

Responsible for the Campaign

The Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (Promsex) in Lima, Peru, has been the Campaign’s institutional base and fiscal agent since the end of 2014, which they took over from the International Consortium for Medical Abortion when it ceased activity.

International Chairing Committee

  • Beverly Winikoff, President, Gynuity Health Projects
  • Susana Chavez, Executive Director, Promsex
  • George Hale, Director of Finance, Promsex

International Advisory Group

This group will be reconstituted at a meeting in October 2019.