SLOVAKIA – Sixth attempt to restrict abortion law this year fails

On 5 December 2019, the Slovak parliament rejected the draft bill on abortion that would have forced women seeking abortion to have an ultrasound scan, see images of the embryo or fetus from the scan, and listen to the heartbeat. The aim was to shame them so that they would not have an abortion after all. See our report from 20 November for background. Ten days ago, more than 30 Slovak health and rights organisations … Continued


In September 2017, when the government of Michelle Bachelet passed the abortion bill, it was clear to everyone involved in what was a difficult process that there was a long road ahead for achieving our goals. At the same time, the gains were important as regards showing some respect for women’s lives and human rights. At the same time, APROFA, the Chilean Association for the Protection of the Family, took a decision to apply for … Continued

NEPAL – Bajura, a remote district in the far western hills of Nepal, has fared well in terms of safe abortion

According to local government records, as many as 875 women received safe abortion services through government-run health centres in the Bajura district in the past 18 months. Of the total 28 local health centres in the district, 15 have been providing abortion service to women. Only complicated cases are sent to the district hospital. The Bajura District Hospital Chief, Dr Rupchandra Bishwokarma, found these data encouraging. In the past, women would commonly use unsafe ways … Continued

SOUTH AFRICA – Plea to change the law to allow the right to fetal burial before 26 weeks of pregnancy

On 14 and 15 November 2019 the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria heard the plea of a group called Voice of the Unborn Baby, joined by the KwaZulu Natal Catholic Archdiocese. They challenged the provisions of the Births and Deaths Registration Act by asking the Court to declare that where a fetus has died at a gestational age younger than 26 weeks, the parents of the fetus should be given an option to bury it, … Continued

USA – The politics of abortion is entering a new era

The Supreme Court [may not be able] to protect abortion access anymore, but thousands of activists will. America is a country that telegraphs profoundly conflicting ideas of how women should live their lives. There are five female candidates for president. Women are fully integrated into the paid labour force: Almost half of workers are women. Seventy percent of mothers with children work outside the home; the vast majority working full-time. Across income groups, but especially … Continued

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