“Dumped babies are just the tip of the iceberg”: the consequences of curbing reproductive rights It’s a hot mid-August morning, and Lydia Wambui’s bright green overalls are soaked. She’s standing knee-deep in Nairobi River, using a metal rod to catch rubbish lazily flowing down its murky waters. “Sewage, bottle-tops, needles – people chuck everything in here,” she says. “We also keep finding babies.” Two months earlier, the 37-year-old volunteer spotted a blue plastic bag amongst … Continued

ITALY – Seven doctors on trial for manslaughter in the death in Sicily of Valentina Milluzzo in 2016

Seven Italian doctors are on trial for manslaughter, accused of failing to carry out a life-saving abortion as emergency obstetric care in 2016 for Valentina Milluzzo, who began miscarrying when she was 19 weeks pregnant with twins. She died of sepsis, which with prompt and appropriate care, including emergency evacuation of the uterus, can be prevented/treated before it becomes fatal. This cause of death happened to Savita Halapannavar in Ireland four years earlier. The court … Continued

SLOVAKIA – Punitive abortion regulations tabled in parliament

The Slovak Parliament has just tabled a bill whose intention is to complicate access to abortion, in the wake of a widely reported anti-abortion march in the country in late September 2019, which attracted 50,000 marchers. Amnesty International reports: “Women and girls who need an abortion will now be forced to have an ultrasound scan, see images of the embryo or fetus from the scan, and listen to the heartbeat of the fetus. If passed, this bill risks … Continued

ARMENIA – Women’s Resource Center faces legal prosecution

The Women’s Resource Center in Armenia is facing legal prosecution after months of receiving threats from Armenian nationalists and far-right movements. The organisation issued the following open letter explaining the situation: “Enough! A call to action to protect women human rights defenders and stop legal pressures against the Women’s Resource Center and the Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Armenia” We, women human rights defenders of the Women’s Resource Center and the Sexual Assault Crisis Center … Continued

JAMAICA – Youth parliamentarians tackle abortion, violence and climate change

At a sitting of the 10th National Youth Parliament, the young people representing youth groups from across the island, engaged in spirited debate on abortion, youth participation in the political process, youth violence, and climate change, making a number of recommendations for the Government to consider. On the issue of abortion, the suggestion was made to have Jamaicans vote in the next general election on whether abortion should be allowed conditionally or unconditionally. They called … Continued

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