ICPD+25 NAIROBI – International Campaign Panel, 13 November 2019

ICPD+25 is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, on 12-13-14 November 2019. Two of the Campaign coordination team will be representing us there: Shilpa Shroff and Christina Boateng. We invite you to our panel, one of only two NGO panels on abortion: Universal Access to Safe Abortion: Leaving No One Behind Date/Time: Wednesday, 13 November 13:00-14:30 The ICPD Programme of Action acknowledged morbidity and mortality from unsafe abortion as a serious public health problem. This panel will … Continued

NORTHERN IRELAND – The North is now!!! Northern Ireland abortion law reformed midnight 21 October 2019

Congratulations to everyone!!!! At midnight on 21 October 2019, Sections 58 & 59 of the Offences against the Person Act 1861 were repealed in Northern Ireland. Marriage equality became law too!!! The abortion law has been in place in Great Britain since 1967 but was never extended to Northern Ireland, and thousands of women and girls were barred from accessing abortions at home and with dignity. Alliance for Choice NI put out a press release … Continued

UK – Letter to the Home Secretary re buffer zones for abortion clinics nationally

In 2018, the UK Home Office conducted a review of the evidence for buffer zones around all abortion clinics, to prevent women and staff being harassed by anti-abortion groups and individuals. The Home Office response was that national buffer zones would not be a “proportionate’ solution” as the level of harassment was not serious enough to warrant it. Following a Freedom of Information request, national abortion provider Bpas discovered that the evidence given to the … Continued

EUROPEAN COMMISSION – Nominees for managing the ‘Democracy and Demography’ portfolio reviewed in October

European parliamentarians began closed-door confirmation hearings of candidates for the EU Commission at the end of September 2019. Incoming Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has until 1 November to assemble a team. Some of her plans have already been challenged, and two of her nominees were soon rejected. One of her nominees deserves closer scrutiny than she has received: Croatian MEP Dubravka Šuica to manage the ‘Democracy and Demography’ portfolio. Putting her in charge of this portfolio … Continued

POLAND – Bill to ban sex education and criminalise “promotion of underage sexual activity” sent to a commission for further work

The bill was introduced after a six-month right-wing campaign equating LGBTI people with paedophiles. PiS
officials have called LGBTI rights an invasive foreign influence as part of a culture and civilisation war that
threatens Poland’s national identity. Hundreds of people joining protest rallies outside the Sejm and across the country. The bill was due to go to the Senate on 18 October, had it passed. Instead, it was sent to a commission for further work. As PiS no longer has a majority in the upper house, the bill may be dead.

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