MOROCCO: SOLIDARITY REQUEST !! Journalist Hajar Raissouni, her fiancé, and medical staff sentenced to prison

Hajar Raissouni, a journalist working for an independent daily newspaper, was arrested on 31 August along with her fiancé, Amin Rifaat, as they left a doctor’s office in Rabat. The doctor and two others working at the clinic were also arrested on suspicion of carrying out an abortion. After her arrest, Raissouni was detained at a police station in Rabat and on 2 September brought before a prosecutor and charged with sex outside of marriage … Continued

MEXICO – The Oaxaca Congress makes history: legalising abortion in the first trimester

On 25 September 2019 Oaxaca became the second state government in Mexico to decriminalise abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. The Federal District of Mexico was the first, in 2007. Previously, abortion was legal in Oaxaca only in cases of rape, fetal malformation, risk of death for the woman or if artificial insemination was not by consent.  The vote was 24 in favour and 10 against. The outcome of the vote was apparently uncertain … Continued

AUSTRALIA NSW – Abortion decriminalised in NSW after “mammoth debate”

There were emotional scenes in parliament as abortion was decriminalised in NSW. The New South Wales parliament has passed a law decriminalising abortion more than a century after it was included in the state’s criminal code. Overnight, the Upper House finally passed the bill and the next morning the Lower House approved its amendments. The state’s Premier Gladys Berejiklian was nowhere to be seen in the chamber when it happened, but said she would have … Continued

INDONESIA – Proposed new criminal code related to sexual relations and much more leads to protest demonstrations

There is bad news from Indonesia. The government has apparently finalised a new criminal code with over 600 clauses that has been in the drafting stage for decades. Clauses related to sexual relations, adultery, sex work, abortion, contraception, blasphemy, and much more are very restrictive and criminalise many new behaviours and people. Abortion would be illegal unless it is a medical emergency or due to rape and would carry a four-year prison sentence. Sex before … Continued

UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE POLITICAL DECLARATION – “The most comprehensive set of health commitments ever adopted at this level”

On 23 September 2019, world leaders adopted a high-level United Nations Political Declaration on universal health coverage (UHC), the most comprehensive set of health commitments ever adopted at this level. “This declaration represents a landmark for global health and development,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General at the World Health Organization (WHO). “The world has 11 years left to make good on its sustainable development goals. Universal health coverage is key to ensuring that happens…. … Continued

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