MADAGASCAR – Madagascar’s ‘angel makers’ flourish in ban on abortion

Abortion is illegal on Madagascar. Although prosecution is rare, an attempt to decriminalise abortion was pushed back by the parliament in 2017. A 44-year-old woman with six children keeps a secret behind a flimsy wooden gate at the back of her vegetable garden. “There are around eight fetuses buried here,” she said. “With them lies a baby delivered prematurely at seven months.” In each case, she said, when they were removed from her body, she … Continued


6 stories from the USA:

The US Department of Health and Human Services’ new “domestic gag rule,” effective from 19 August 2019, requires that all health care providers in the $286 million Title X programme, which funds services for the poor, must not refer patients to abortion providers. If facilities do offer abortion care, it must be physically and financially separated from other services. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which serves 1.6 million recipients of Title X funding and the largest provider of comprehensive reproductive health care for poor women in the USA, refused to sign.

SOUTH AFRICA – Man sentenced to 12 years for killing 44-year-old girlfriend for having an abortion

The Polokwane High Court on Monday sentenced a 39-year-old man to 12 years in prison for killing his girlfriend in March 2018. Police officers near the woman’s home received a report that a woman was being stabbed on a farm. When the police arrived, they found her body with multiple stab wounds. The murderer had fled the scene but was tracked down to his hometown in Botswana and later extradited to stand trial in South … Continued

SPAIN – Six migrant women denied an abortion in Madrid public health system because of immigration status

In April 2019, Women’s Link Worldwide and the Commission for the Investigation of Violence against Women filed a complaint with the Spanish Ombudsman regarding the cases of six migrant women with irregular immigration status whose access to abortion was delayed by the Spanish public health system, particularly in Madrid. Doctors of the World Madrid, Centro de Atención Integral a Mujeres Concepción Arenal, and Yo Sí Sanidad Universal also assisted with the complaint. The women were … Continued

EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE – The European Court of Justice should dismiss the claims of the far right, as the European Commission did in 2014

In 2012, throughout the European Union, the most traditionalist and reactionary networks, religious groups and movements decided to mobilise to collect more than one million signatures on a petition to the European Commission to demand the end of financing by the European Union of all activities related to gender equality and sexual and reproductive health and rights. These signatures were submitted to the European Commission who, in 2014, refused to bow to these demands. Now … Continued

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