EL SALVADOR – A new president but survivors of sexual violence are still forced to be mothers

In the end, says Canada’s CBC News, “Imelda Cortez’s story was too much even for El Salvador’s famously harsh courts. It was making news around the world, and DNA had confirmed that the newborn she was accused of attempting to murder was the product of rape by a 70-year-old stepfather who had abused her throughout her childhood.” We reported on Imelda’s story in December 2018, when a judge threw the prosecution’s case out of court … Continued

MOROCCO – New abortion law reform bill tabled while six people go on trial for clandestine abortions

It has been four years since the King called for abortion law reform and more than a year since a bill was tabled in the parliament to accomplish just that. Touria Alaoui Skalli, a specialist in obstetrics & gynaecology and a member of the PPS majority party in the House of Representatives, has not given up and decided to table a bill once again. Her previous attempt was presented to the Social Affairs Committee in … Continued

MALTA – Debate on abortion law moves from Facebook to the highest levels of politics for European elections

The Nationalist Party took out billboard adverts across Malta championing their anti-abortion message and called the European election a “referendum on abortion”. They also accused the ruling Labour Party of secretly supporting greater abortion rights, thinking it would hurt their electoral chances. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was pressed to respond, and said the government doesn’t have a mandate to change abortion laws but then, during a media interview this month, said that it’s time for a “sober … Continued


Standing outside the US Capitol Building on 22 May 2019, Congressional lawmakers announced the re-introduction of the Women’s Health Protection Act, which pushes back against the flood of abortion restrictions and the outright bans on access that have been moving at a record pace through state legislatures. The bill enshrines in federal law a woman’s right to receive abortion services and a provider’s right to [provide] abortion, said Rep. Judy Chu, a lead sponsor of … Continued

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