TO THE EDITOR – “Abortion reversal” is unnecessary

  In late 2017, the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care published an article entitled “Progesterone for preventing pregnancy termination after initiation of medical abortion with mifepristone”. The article purported to argue, using the example of only three cases, that women who have decided to use medical abortion pills to have an abortion might change their minds after taking the mifepristone, and that it would therefore be useful to have an “antidote” to … Continued

GREAT BRITAIN – Documenting the harassment of anti-abortion protests

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (Bpas) is a charity that offers abortion care, contraception, STI testing, miscarriage management, and pregnancy counselling to nearly 80,000 women each year via clinics in England, Wales, and Scotland. As part of their advocacy work, they have been running the Back Off campaign to introduce legal buffer zones around abortion clinics and pregnancy advisory bureaux since 2014, based on evidence collected from their clients that protests outside clinics are distressing … Continued

ARMENIA – Sex selection banned

Armenia, after China and Azerbaijan, is the third country in the world where we have the most abortions of female fetuses. According to the statistics, before a campaign to discourage the practice, between 110 and 120 boys were born for every 100 girls. Pray to bear a son, they say. Abortions based on sex selection were prohibited in Armenia in 2016, because the sex ratio showed a considerable gap between men and women and was … Continued

CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS – Summary of jurisprudence on reproductive rights from UN treaty-monitoring bodies

This booklet summarises the jurisprudence from United Nations treaty monitoring bodies on reproductive rights, particularly the standards on reproductive health information and contraception, maternal health care, and abortion. It is intended to provide treaty body experts and human rights advocates with succinct and accessible information on the standards being adopted across treaty monitoring bodies surrounding these important rights. This booklet is the third edition of this publication. It includes new standards that were issued over … Continued

ASIA SAFE ABORTION PARTNERSHIP: Congratulations on ASAP’s 10th anniversary!!!

The pro-choice movement in Asia: a retrospective by Dr SP Choong. Founding Member, Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP)   As a founding member of ASAP, I am taken aback to suddenly realize that it’s been 10 years since we adopted the idea of a regional alliance for abortion rights. I guess it has been such an enjoyable and fulfilling ride for me to witness the growth of the pro-choice movement – in different countries, involving different professions … Continued

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