Why sexuality? “Sex is always political”, and its politicization involves the continual attempt to draw boundaries between “good” and “bad” sex, based on “hierarchies of sexual value” in religion, medicine, public policies and popular culture. These hierarchies “function in much the same ways as do ideological systems of racism, ethnocentrism, and religious chauvinism. They rationalize the well-being of the sexually privileged and the adversity of the sexual rabble.” But in some historical periods, negotiations over … Continued

USA – A new helpline to answer legal questions about self-managed abortion pill use

As abortion access in the USA has become increasingly restricted, more women have turned to self-managed abortions with abortion pills. Self-managed abortions are at risk of becoming increasingly criminalized, which could disproportionately impact people of color, low-income people, immigrants and others who face significant barriers to reproductive health care access. In order to help people concerned about the legality of terminating their pregnancies themselves, a team of lawyers launched an abortion helpline and website in … Continued

USA – Charges against two women, in Indiana and Virginia, dismissed

On September 13, 2018, prosecutors in Chesterfield County, Virginia, finally dropped the criminal charge of “producing an abortion,” a class 4 felony, filed against Michelle Roberts. Almost three years ago, Ms Roberts had experienced a stillbirth at home and placed the fetal remains in the ground behind her house.

CANADA – Nurse practitioners can now prescribe abortion pills in Saskatchewan

Nurse practitioners in Saskatchewan can now prescribe medical abortion pills, which became available in Saskatchewan last year. Nurse practitioners had been advocating to be able to write prescriptions for the pills for some time. SOURCE: Global News, by Shawn Knox, 25 October 2018 ; TV News Saskatoon, 25 October 2018

16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM – Global Call to Action against Violence against Women

25 November – 10 December 2018 The 16 Days Campaign has a new orientation, expanding the focus from a short two-week burst of energy to a sustained engagement with a targeted global advocacy goal: ensuring that the International Labour Organization (ILO) adopts a legally binding convention to end gender-based violence in the world of work in June 2019 and then ensuring that governments ratify the convention, and implement it. These efforts are meant to complement … Continued


The Court in Usulután had to suspend the public hearing in the case of Imelda Cortez because the prosecutor, Bernarda Marisol Cáceres de Roque, sent a note to say she was ill and there was no one to replace her. The hearing was rescheduled for 17 December 2018. In the interim, Imelda Cortez will continue to be detained in San Miguel prison, where she has been awaiting trial since April 2017. The Judge asked Imelda’s … Continued

ITALY – Woman pregnant with twins left to die: seven doctors charged with culpable manslaughter

Seven doctors at Catania, Sicily’s Cannizzaro Hospital were indicted on 13 November 2018 for the October 2016 death of a 32-year-old woman who died of septicaemia after miscarrying twins. The charges are multiple culpable manslaughter. Valentina Milluzzo was 19 weeks pregnant with twins at the time, having undergone IVF treatment. She experienced cervical dilation and began to miscarry but life-saving, emergency action was not taken. Staff refused to carry out an abortion as long as … Continued

CROATIA – Movement to stop violence against women in hospitals

Ivana Nincevic Lesandric, member of Parliament from the centre-right MOST party shared a personal story in Parliament of having had an abortion after a miscarriage in a Croatian hospital, which revived a public debate on the state of women’s health care. She said doctors had tied her hands and legs before doing an extremely painful curettage to remove tissue from her uterus without anesthesia. She said the conditions were “from the 15th century” and the … Continued

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