USA / Texas -‘Abortion is self-care’: billboard addressed to black women

A pro-choice billboard was recently put up by the Afiya Center in Dallas that says: ‘Black women take care of themselves by taking care of their families’. In response, an anti-abortion group put up a billboard that claimed abortion was not healthcare, hurts women and murders their babies. So the Afiya Center put up the billboard above and wrote: “We believe the only people who can make decisions about women’s bodies are women themselves… Our … Continued


Restoring the Natural Order”: The religious extremists’ vision to mobilize European societies against human rights on sexuality and reproduction by Neil Datta, EPF, April 2018   This book reveals how a Christian extremist group, Agenda Europe, from the US and Europe, have been organising, fundraising and strategising since 2013 to overturn existing laws on basic human rights related to sexuality and reproduction, including to criminalise same-sex relationships, partnerships and marriages; forbid divorce; ban homosexuals from … Continued

POLAND – Allies or opponents? Medical doctors in the debate on women’s right to abortion in Poland

Why don’t gynaecologists in Poland engage socially and politically in activities that could lead to liberalization of the abortion law? What should happen for this situation to change? These questions were a starting point for formulating the objectives of a project implemented by the Foundation of Equality and Emancipation STER. This report, based on focus group discussions with medical students and residents, members of women’s organisations and groups, and practising doctors, is offered as a … Continued

HIV/AIDS – Ungagging abortion: safe abortion in the context of HIV

by International HIV/AIDS Alliance   For women living with HIV, sexual and reproductive health and rights are crucial, including safe abortion, freedom from coerced abortion, and post-abortion care. This includes the right to make decisions free from discrimination, coercion, and violence. HIV among women is commonly associated with sex, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and STIs. HIV and sexual and reproductive ill health share root causes, including structural drivers such as poverty, harmful cultural norms, gender inequality, … Continued

CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS – Reproductive rights as human rights: an interactive course for advocates

This course aims to support advocates in leveraging the human rights framework to advance reproductive rights at the national level. Participants will: Learn how to engage with international and regional human rights mechanisms to reinforce their advocacy on reproductive rights; Discuss different advocacy strategies to advance quality maternal health, access to contraception, safe abortion, comprehensive sexuality education, and adolescents’ rights; and Devise an advocacy strategy on reproductive rights, including by developing an evidence base, mapping … Continued

JAMAICA – Abortion attitudes, training and experiences among medical students in Jamaica, West Indies

by G Matthews, N Benfield, J Atrio   Contraception October 2018;98(4):341-42  DOI:   In an anonymous online cross-sectional survey among medical students at the University of West Indies, among 1,404 medical students (42.5% female, 54.7% very religious), 64% had a positive attitude toward abortion. Attitudes were favourably affected by a personal or family experience with abortion, identification as non-religious, and being of older age and mixed race. Some 78.8% reported no abortion training and … Continued

AUSTRALIA NSW – Knowledge of current abortion law and views on abortion law reform: a community survey of NSW residents

by AL Barratt, K McGeechan, KI Black, J Hamblin, C de Costa   Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 10 September 2018   Of 1,015 men and women who completed an anonymous online survey, 76% were unaware that abortion remains a criminal offence in the Crimes Act 1900 (New South Wales) and 73% thought it should be decriminalised and regulated as a healthcare service. Support for decriminalisation was consistent across genders, age groups, … Continued

ENGLAND / NORTHERN IRELAND / IRELAND – A formative evaluation of online information to support abortion access in England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

by DN Duffy, C Pierson, P Best BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health 4 September 2018   Web searches in mid-2016 using four search terms from the perspective of someone seeking abortion services found 619 web pages, 83 of which related to accessing services – 22 pages from Ireland, 31 from Northern Ireland, and 30 from England. Only 31 were judged good or excellent. The relevance of information retrieved varied. Almost half of all results in … Continued

CHILE – Aborto en Chile

This publication reports on all maternal deaths in Chile 2000-2015; convictions for the crime of abortion: 158 women, 58 men in 2007-2017, but the numbers fell a lot from 2014; number of women (total 394) who had legal abortions from September 2017 through 16 June 2018; extent of conscientious objection by health service district, profession and legal ground for abortion; numbers of women who accepted offer of psychosocial accompaniment; and details of three new bills liberalising the law that have been tabled in April, May and August.

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