YOUTUBE / FACEBOOK – More on abortion videos and YouTube

  A week ago, we reported that several videos about abortion had been taken down from YouTube. Concern was expressed by a number of groups that censorship might be taking place by YouTube itself. We put a call for other examples in the 19 January newsletter. But we heard a few days later that three of the videos had been restored to the web after a request to do so was filed with YouTube. Only … Continued

NOT THIS APP – Rhythm method dressed in new clothes still leads to unwanted pregnancies

Natural Cycles is an app to help women avoid unprotected sex when they are in their fertile days each month. It made news last year when it became the first app to be certified as a birth control method in Europe. It is back in the news because a Swedish hospital reported 37 unintended pregnancies among its users to the Swedish drug regulator and asked for a review of the app. This is a technology-based … Continued

EUROPEAN COMMISSION – Provision of non-discriminatory medical services in conflict settings: correspondence with the European Commission

In November 2017, the Global Justice Center in New York drafted a letter to two high-level representatives of the European Commission regarding the provision of non-discriminatory medical care in conflict settings in line with, including safe abortion, and circulated it internationally for signatures. It points to commitments made in 2015 regarding women and girls raped in armed conflict that have not yet been acted upon. The letter was signed by 91 CSOs from around the world, … Continued

CHILE – National elections deliver right-wing president-elect and two key ministers opposed to 2017 abortion law reform

The Guardian reports that: “Chile’s president-elect, the billionaire businessman Sebastian Piñera, has unveiled a new hardline cabinet, including prominent conservative figures and some politicians once closely aligned with the Pinochet dictatorship.” They go on to report: “The new ministerial lineup is dominated by men in their 60s. None of the most senior positions will go to women, who will head just seven out of the 23 ministries… The new minister for women and gender equality, … Continued

UNESCO – International technical guidance on sexuality education: an evidence-informed approach

More and more young people have joined together to call for their right to sexuality education. They have been joined by communities, parents, faith leaders and stakeholders in the education sector who increasingly champion sexuality education as an essential component of a good quality education that is comprehensive and life skills-based; and which supports young people to develop the knowledge, skills, ethical values and attitudes they need to make conscious, healthy and respectful choices about … Continued

INDIA & USA – Women’s Human Rights and Migration: Sex-Selective Abortion Laws in the United States and India

“Some of the most hotly contested international women’s rights issues today arise from the movement of peoples from one country to another and the practices they purportedly bring with them. In Women’s Human Rights and Migration, Sital Kalantry focuses on immigrants of Asian descent living in the United States who are believed to abort female fetuses because they do not want a female child. While sex-selective abortion is a human rights concern in India, should we, … Continued


Firmar la legalización de interrupción de embarazo por violación en menores de 14 años En los últimos 10 años, 16 mil 400 niñas menores de 14 años, han dado a luz debido a embarazos productos de violación. Este problema está más cerca de lo que creemos, podría ser nuestra hija, nuestra sobrina, nuestra prima… en fin, cualquier niña de nuestra familia. Un agresor puede ser:  un padrastro, un tío, algún amigo de la familia, nuestro vecino. … Continued


“In addition to wombs, we also have brains”: Polish women in the streets again to protest anti-abortion bill On 13 January, women in Poland once again protested outside the parliament building in Warsaw after the Save Women bill was rejected and an anti-abortion bill making abortion on grounds of fetal anomaly illegal was sent to committee on 10 January. “In addition to wombs, we also have brains” once placard read. The Independent reported that demonstrations … Continued

IRELAND – Evidence on abortion prompts Fianna Fáil leader’s change of mind in support of women

Political party Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin says he changed his stance on abortion having evaluated the evidence from the Oireachtas Committee on the Eighth Amendment. He described the issue as deeply personal, not a party political one. He said: “If we are sincere in our compassion for women and we are sincere in respecting their choices, then we must act.” He said the Eighth Amendment had not stopped abortion in Ireland and that people … Continued


The Women’s March, 20 January 2018 Tens of thousands turned out in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and hundreds of other cities across the US and the world. Many women again wore pink knit “pussy hats”, now a symbol of the Women’s March and the resistance to Trump, who boasted a year ago about “grabbing pussy” and has not yet been held accountable for it.   SOURCE: The Guardian, 20 January 2018 ; PHOTOS: … Continued

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