SOUTH KOREA – Women’s right groups urge Constitutional Court to acquit doctor and reform abortion law

  In 2017, following a petition that garnered a huge number of signatures and demonstrations in support of abortion law reform, a coalition of feminist groups, social movement groups and progressive parties was formed in South Korea, called Joint Action for Reproductive Justice. On 24 May 2018, the coalition held a press conference in front of the Constitutional Court, where the Court was hearing a case brought by a doctor who had been criminally charged … Continued

IRELAND – Make haste slowly

  Anyone who wondered what the Irish media would have to talk about on the morning after the 8th amendment became history need not have worried. A rush to amend the current abortion law has started. Under the current law, the so-called Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act 2013, abortion is legal only when a pregnant woman’s life is at risk. This includes the risk of suicide. Exactly 26 women had a legal abortion in … Continued

NORTHERN IRELAND – “The North is next” – proposals put forward to try and make this happen

As in Ireland up to now, it is almost impossible to get an abortion in Northern Ireland. The most immediate fallout of the Irish referendum results on 26 May was the call from many quarters for Northern Ireland to be next. However, there are complex political realities that will get in the way. The first and most important is that policy on abortion was devolved by the UK Parliament to Northern Ireland and Scotland some … Continued

MALAWI – Call for Malawi to emulate the spirit of Ireland’s yes decision

Women in Malawi should be given freedom to access sexual and reproductive health services without interference from the state and the church, said Brian Ligomeka, Executive Director, Centre for Solutions Journalism in an interview about the rejection of the former 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution. “Malawi as a nation needs to emulate what has happened in Ireland by reforming its abortion law. It is unacceptable for the state and religious denominations to be denying … Continued

International Day of Action for Women’s Health, 28 May, 1988 – 2018  

Yesterday, 28 May, was a bank holiday in the UK and we were all basking in the sun, enjoying the victory in Ireland. So this newsletter is a bit late in showing our support for this important day in the international women’s calendar, which was first launched in 1988, following an agreement at the 5th International Women & Health Meeting in 1987 in San José, Costa Rica, where women’s groups working for safe pregnancy and … Continued

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