BRAZIL – The turbulence in Brazil continues

As the turbulence of Brazil’s political climate and sexual politics overall continues, the abortion rights debates decidedly intensified in November 2017 (check here for updates in Portuguese). As reported by the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion on 24 November, Amendment No.181, a provision aimed at including right to life from conception into the Constitution, was approved by a Special Commission of the Chamber of Deputies on 8 November.

USA -The effect of a documentary: Charlotte, NC

Care in Chaos, a documentary by the US feminist news wire, Rewire, recently received the “Best Documentary Short” award from the Nevada Film Festival. It examines how policing practices and policies in Charlotte, North Carolina and Fargo, North Dakota impede or facilitate access to reproductive health care. Providers throughout the country work every day to serve patients, often under siege from an anti-choice movement driven by ideology and disrespect for women’s lives. As Care in … Continued

YOGYAKARTA PRINCIPLES + 10 – Expanded Yogyakarta Principles published

The “Yogyakarta Principles plus 10” were released on 27 November by a group of 33 international human rights experts following a meeting in September 2017 in Geneva. The new principles reaffirm and expand understanding of international human rights law relating to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics.  They call for renewed action worldwide against violations and discrimination. This meeting followed a period of open consultations, led by the International Service for Human … Continued

USA – Roe’s Unfinished Promise: Decriminalizing Abortion Once and For All

by Self-Induced Abortion Legal Team, 2017   This is the first comprehensive paper about the criminalization of self-induced abortion in the USA and efforts to eliminate threats, while increasing protections, for people who end pregnancies outside the formal healthcare system. It includes a chart listing problematic laws state by state, maps highlighting the places where people who self-induce abortion are most at risk of an unjustified arrest, excerpts from relevant statutes, and case summaries. The … Continued

LANCET – Abortion safety

Estimating abortion safety: advances and challenges by Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson, Amanda Cleeve Lancet 2017;390(10110), 25 Nov–1 Dec:2333-34   Bela Ganatra and colleagues present an innovative and important analysis of global abortion safety, in which they attempt to move beyond the binary understanding (safe or unsafe) of abortion safety. As the availability of misoprostol increases, and abortion telemedicine services reach more women worldwide, fewer women are undergoing abortions with invasive or outdated methods and more women … Continued

EARLY MEDICAL ABORTION – Efficacy and safety of very early medical termination of pregnancy: a cohort study

Two study cohorts were created: women with and women without a confirmed IUP. An IUP was defined as the intrauterine location of a yolk sac or fetal structure visible by ultrasound. Women with an IUP were selected randomly and included in the IUP cohort. Efficacy of MTOP, defined as no continuing pregnancy and with no need of surgery for incomplete TOP.


  ‘We are all Rebeca!’ Rebeca Mendes is a thirty-year-old Brazilian woman, divorced, with two children and a precarious job. She is also a 4th year law student, with a scholarship awarded by the federal government. In such circumstances, she also finds herself pregnant by her ex-husband, due to the failure of an inadequate health system to provide contraception. She has decided to terminate this pregnancy in order to complete her studies and focus on her … Continued

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